Seagull Ocean Star Classic Blue Watch

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Color: Blue
Classic Edition

The birth of the Ocean Star First Generation Classic marked the beginning of a new era for domestically produced dive watches.

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Technical Specs


Type: Automatic
Model: ST2130
Jewels: 28

Self-winding mechanical movement beating at 28800 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve up to 39 hours.


Traversing the Depths, Exploring the Unknown

The birth of the Ocean Star marked a new era for domestic dive watches. Its deep-blue dial, reminiscent of the ocean depths, presents an ever-changing vista - at times serene and tranquil, at other times turbulent with surging waves. The varying moods and stunning beauty of the sea never fail to offer countless surprises and captivate the heart. A golden five-pointed star emits a faint glow, much like a precious gem hidden in the seabed, stirring a sense of longing and adventurous exploration. This aligns perfectly with the spirit of diving enthusiasts, embodying their courage and thirst for adventure.

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