Seagull Watchmaking Craftsmanship — Sophisticated Movement Technology

Seagull watches all use Seagull's self-developed movements at their core, crafted with artisanal care. At the Heart of Every Seagull Watch Lies Our Soul. Seagull watches showcase our passion for watchmaking and relentless pursuit of perfection. We put our heart and soul into designing and crafting each of our self-developed movements. Our artisans lavish meticulous care in forming every single component, no matter how minute, imbuing the mechanical essence of time. When you wear a Seagull watch, you carry our pride and identity on your wrist. 


ST2130 Three-Hand Date Automatic

The ST2130 movement has 28 jewels and vibrates at 28800 vph (28,800 times per hour). This movement is currently the most widely used base movement in Seagull's ST21 series. It delivers the most practical functions a wristwatch requires - hour, minute, second hands and calendar display, meeting daily needs. With 39 hours of extra-long power reserve, the bidirectional rotor winds the movement automatically as the wrist moves, continuously providing robust power for the watch. 


ST18 Ultra-Thin Three-Hand Date Automatic 

The ST18 movement has 21 jewels and vibrates at 21600 vph (21,600 times per hour). This series is currently the ultra-thin high-end base movement. The movement, the size of a single coin, contains 172 meticulously crafted parts. The movement production line uses fully imported state-of-the-art processing equipment. Each ST18 movement is equipped with an Incabloc shock absorber structure from Switzerland, maximally protecting its ultra-thinness from external shocks.


ST25 Series Movement 

The ST25 series movement has 25 jewels and vibrates at 21600 vph (21,600 times per hour). It can incorporate multiple additional functions and create distinguished openworked movements compared to the rugged and powerful ST16, by working on the main plate. The most prominent feature of this movement series is the tourbillon. The wing-shaped tourbillon cage is "suspended" mid-air. Through the tourbillon, the oscillating balance wheel's primitive mechanical rhythm can be observed. The meticulous tiny parts unleash powerful energy, delivering an infinite kinetic aesthetic experience. The beauty of precise mechanical operation is showcased through the panoramic three-dimensional see-through perspective. 


ST16 Openworked Movement

The ST16 movement is self-winding, with 39 hours of power reserve, 21 jewels, and 21600 vph (vibrations per hour). Currently, the main focus of this series is on the engraved, openworked movement. The movement, with a diameter of less than 3cm, relies solely on 16 tiny screws and gears that are barely visible to the naked eye. The rigidity of the machinery and the sensitivity of the openwork combine as one, sculpting light and shadow into a seamless transparency and sensibility in timekeeping. 


ST17 Two-Hand Automatic 

The ST17 movement has 20 jewels and vibrates at 21600 vph (21,600 times per hour). This series is currently the classically beautiful "small three-hand" base movement. Movements with a small seconds subdial are called "small three-hand" or "two-and-a-half hand." Evolving from the more primitive pocket watch design, the seconds wheel in the timing train is moved to the bottom so that the hour and minute hands don't have to share the same axis, reducing the space between the gears. This results in the ST17 series of manual-winding movements with an ultra-thin thickness of just 3.2mm.