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Tianjin Sea-Gull Watch Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1955. The company's brand is based on the "Five Star", China's first wristwatch. This watch marked the end of China's history of only being able to repair watches but not make them. It also launched the legendary journey of Chinese watchmaking.

Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to independent innovation and development. It has focused on the research and development of high-quality movements and the research and development of original Chinese mechanical watches. It has never stopped pursuing innovation, and has continuously developed high-complexity mechanical watches such as tourbillons, minute repeaters, and perpetual calendars. These watches have showcased China's watchmaking capabilities to the world. The company is known as the "culmination of Chinese mechanical watches"

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Sea-Gull is the pioneer and leader of the Chinese watchmaking industry. As a historical figure in the Chinese watch industry, it has borne the changes of the times for more than half a century. It has always been at the forefront of the industry by changing with the times and taking advantage of the situation. With the original intention of daring to explore, it has never been afraid of hardships and has constantly surpassed itself to be a better self. Whether it is the first Five Star watch in China, the first aviation watch, the Wuyi watch, or the Dongfeng watch, the history of "Sea-Gull" all represent the legendary story of the Chinese watchmaking industry. Whether in the inheritance of craftsmanship, the manufacture of movements, or the cultural confidence of contemporary national trends, "Sea-Gull" has created the enthusiasm and value of the pioneers of the timing technology at that time.

From the birth of the first mechanical watch in China to witnessing the new wave of national tide, "Sea-Gull watch" has become more and more distinctive, courageous and innovative, breaking through itself in the hands of generation after generation of creators, and more with design and manufacturing as the core, participating in the creation of life quality. The spirit of Sea-Gull not only comes from the "courageous creative heart", but also represents all the independent innovation concepts and pioneering creative spirits that have been possessed in every generation. It is also a projection of the spirit of all those who dare to move forward, and it is also the responsibility and courage of every generation of Sea-Gull people to carry on the past.

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Thanks to its dedication to the research and development of watchmaking technology, Sea-Gull has been recognized as a “National Industrial Design Center”, a “State-Certified Enterprise Technology Center”, and one of the first “National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises”. The development of each watch function and the design of each movement contain exquisite watchmaking skills and the continuous exploration of accurate timing.

Over the past 60 years, Sea-Gull has gone through the changes of the times, accompanied the time of generations of Chinese people, and always participated in and witnessed the development of Chinese watches, accurately and professionally recording Chinese time.

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