Tourbillon watch shouldn't break the bank.

Seagull Tourbillon

Marvel at the intricate dance of Seagull's tourbillon timepieces. Mechanical magic in motion, with cages spinning effortlessly in a mesmerizing waltz. Impossibly complex tourbillons handcrafted by our artisans to perfection. Every graceful rotation a tribute to watchmaking's highest art form. Seagull masters an exceptional feat - tourbillons accessible for watch enthusiasts at every level. No longer confined to the realm of elite collectors, here is your chance to experience haute horology's hypnotizing wonder. Time elevated to an art form on your wrist. Seagull tourbillons, a new perspective on watchmaking mastery.

Seagull Tourbillon VS Swiss Tourbillon

Seagull Tourbillon

The tourbillon is a movement invented by Swiss watchmaking master -Louis Breguet in 1795 to improve timekeeping accuracy in mechanical watches.

By constantly rotating the entire escapement and balance wheel, a tourbillon negates the effects that gravity can have in causing inaccuracies when a watch is in certain stationary positions. Normal mechanical watches are subject to inaccuracies from factors like variations in the mainspring tension, metal fatigue, and gravity. A tourbillon, striving for observatory-level precision, is often hand-wound to avoid these influences.

Major watchmaking achievements allowing Sea-Gull to produce tourbillon movements comparable with top Swiss brands has been the fully in-house production of tourbillon calibers. Sea-Gull has pioneered self-winding tourbillon movements, eliminating the need to hand-wind a tourbillon watch.

Seagull Patent Awards

In the international market, Sea-Gull has repeatedly endured the suppression of foreign brands. Sea-Gull's three consecutive victories in overseas intellectual property rights protection have been achieved through independent innovation to master core technologies, a self-conscious intellectual property protection awareness, and a well-established intellectual property protection system.

Sea-Gull's tourbillon watches are designed and manufactured by outstanding master watchmakers and artfully assembled, adjusted and tested by professional technicians, paired with classic watch cases. The arched surface and openworked design offer a clear view of the tourbillon operation. The domed sapphire crystal, exhibition caseback displaying the intricate movement, and fine hand-finished components crafted by specialized technicians provide a visual feast.

International Awards

1963: Successfully developed China's first automatic winding movement, gaining significant recognition in the international watchmaking community.
1965: Developed China's first tourbillon movement, further solidifying its place in the international spotlight.
1973: Awarded the Gold Medal at the Geneva International Watchmaking Exhibition, becoming the first Chinese watchmaking company to receive this prestigious honor.
1985: Awarded the Gold Medal at the Hannover International Watchmaking Exhibition in Germany.
1993: Awarded the Gold Medal at the Paris International Watchmaking Exhibition in France.
2001: Awarded the Gold Medal at the Tokyo International Watchmaking Exhibition in Japan.
2009: Awarded the Gold Medal at the New York International Watchmaking Exhibition in the USA.
2017: Awarded the Gold Medal at the Berlin International Watchmaking Exhibition in Germany.
2022: Muse Design Awards Gold Winner.


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Factory Address: Seagull Watches Industrial Park, No.199 Huanhe South Road, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone · 300308 · Tianjin · China (天津空港经济区环河南路199号海鸥表业集团)

WarrantyWe are the only online Seagull official store. 3 years warranty for the Seagull tourbillon.

A big hit at the international exhibition



The quality of the movements has been amazingly stable. The Chinese have been making mechanical movements for a very long time. Seagull is the strongest and the best quality.


Quality timepieces don 't have to cost a fortune. Seagull traces its roots to 1958, when the company was founded and it has been cranking out mechanical timepieces ever since.


That all changed when the Tianjin Seagull landed a cult hit with the ST19, a remake of the historical Venus 175 chronograph movement.


Seagull movements have a proven history, Swiss roots and allow for cool, intriguing watches for less than their Swiss and often Japanese counterparts.

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