Seagull Blossoms Bring Prosperity Tourbillon Watch 38mm

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Technical Specs


Type: Manual-wind
Model: ST8000
Jewels: 19

Self-winding mechanical movement beating at 21600 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve up to 43 hours.


Floral Splendor: The Limited-Edition Tourbillon Watch

Introducing the exquisite wristwatch, a masterpiece of precision engineering and timeless elegance. Set against a sleek black dial, this watch showcases a meticulously crafted motif of red blooming flower, intricately rendered using the ancient art of lacquer carving. Each delicate petal embodies the essence of prosperity and abundance, symbolizing the beauty and opulence of life.

Lacquer carving, an ancient and exquisite handicraft, originated in China and has a history spanning thousands of years. It uses lacquer as its base material and combines carving and painting techniques, undergoing multiple meticulous processes to create. Objects crafted through lacquer carving not only possess immense artistic value but also showcase the artisans' exquisite skills and their pursuit of perfection in detail.

Limited to a production of just 299 pieces worldwide, this Tourbillon watch stands as a true collector's treasure, a testament to the fusion of artistry and technical innovation. With its numbered edition, each timepiece becomes a unique expression of luxury and exclusivity, destined to adorn the wrists of discerning connoisseurs and aficionados alike.

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