Seagull Watch | Intangible Cultural Heritage Copper Sculpture Cloisonné Tourbillon Watch 43mm

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Technical Specs


Type: Manual-wind
Model: ST8230
Jewels: 21

Self-winding mechanical movement beating at 21600 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve up to 55 hours.


Inheriting China's Intangible Cultural Heritage, Embodying Oriental Aesthetics

The co-axial tourbillon of the Seagull ST8230 movement - crafted to perfection, unveiling the inherent artistry within mechanical ingenuity. The chiseling copper engraving dial, meticulously carved and gilt, vividly evokes the spirit of Chinese culture - a picturesque landscape materializes on your wrist. Copper Engraving: A complex process of smelting, forging, carving, gilding, polishing and enameling. The storied evolution of copper engraving mirrors the development of China's splendid civilization.Gilt Wire Inlay: An ornate technique embedding gold or silver wires into decorative patterns. As one of China's intangible heritages, gilt wire inlay requires intricate carving and enormous patience. In present times, masters of this rare craft dwindle. By blending traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, this timepiece celebrates our cultural roots while pioneering the future. May its heritage resonate for generations to come.

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