Seagull Watch | Filigree Butterfly Watch with Swarovski Crystals

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Color: White & Butterfly
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Technical Specs


Type: Automatic
Model: ST2130
Jewels: 28

Self-winding mechanical movement beating at 28800 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve up to 39 hours.


A Millennium Intangible Heritage - Oriental Filigree Aesthetics

Inheriting the ancient royal use of filigree craftsmanship, originating from the Spring and Autumn period, flourishing during the Ming and Qing dynasties, and listed as one of the eight wonders of Yanjing. In June 2008, it was included in the list of China's Intangible Cultural Heritage.

By ingeniously integrating traditional craftsmanship with delicate flower hairpins, it presents a rich cultural heritage and style. The transparent silver threads convey a fragrant promise, and the filigree flowers stand alone, capturing the essence of a bygone era.

The mother-of-pearl dial is lustrous and dazzling, showcasing a unique beauty with an Eastern charm in a choice of four types. The pearl-patterned devil fish skin strap is adorned with brilliant luster, resembling pearls embedded on its surface, featuring distinctive textures believed to bring good fortune. The transparent back design allows a glimpse into the rhythm of precision mechanics, while the Geneva stripes reveal exquisite beauty.

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