Stunning Victory: Seagull Watch Takes Home 2022 MUSE Design Gold Award

Stunning Victory: Seagull Watch Takes Home 2022 MUSE Design Gold Award

Recently, The Boundary Mechanical Watch of Seagull was announced as winning the gold prize in the 2022 MUSE Design Awards in the United States. Seagull Watch thus became the only domestic watch brand to receive this honor on the list.

The MUSE Design Awards is an international design competition dedicated to recognizing excellent and original design work from across the globe. Established by the International Awards Associate (IAA) in 2015, the award aims to unveil up-and-coming stars in Architecture, Interior, Product, Landscape, Lighting, Furniture and Fashion Design worldwide.

Being the gold winner of the MUSE International Design Awards reflects Seagull Watch's manufacturing strength in movement research & development, proprietary structure innovation, exterior design, and production assembly. The integrated industrial chain also plays an important role in it. It is also another milestone for Seagull Watch in its relentless pursuit of innovation in the domestic watch industry, embodying the brand spirit of "courageous heart."

Seagull developed the first wristwatch in New China in 1955. Since then, Seagull Watch has always been pioneering with the spirit of "daring to strive and break through. " Aiming at world-class manufacturing, it has successively crafted the "three major classic and complex structures" of the tourbillon, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar. As a result, Seagull Watch has become a leading enterprise in the Chinese watch industry.
Under the strategic principles of "focus on manufacturing, build on the brand, and work on the membership," Seagull increased investment in scientific and technological innovation and manufacturing processes in 2020. Simultaneously, there has been an emphasis on product research and development and the involvement of more local designers in promoting design innovation that aligns with modern fashion aesthetics, turning "Made in China" into "Trend from China."
In April of this year, Seagull Watch launched the Boundary Mechanical Watch, aiming to reshape the brand's impression with highly youthful, China-chic, and fashionable timepieces. The item eliminates the restriction of having just one watch and one strap by adopting a modular design with up to six distinct bezels and straps that you may switch out as you please! In order to improve the user experience, we also recommend that owners of various models swap out their accessories, thereby fostering a "watch community culture" and a new watch-focused social way of life.

It is worth mentioning that the Boundary Mechanical Watch is equipped with Seagull Watch's newly developed open-worked movement. The clever design of the barrel, pointer shaft, and escapement, all within the same vertical dimension, ensures a sufficient power reserve of 40 hours while maintaining a balanced visual appearance. It intuitively showcases the beauty of precise mechanical operation.
The dial design draws inspiration from the soaring image of seagulls, presenting a "V" shape. The V-shaped hands feature a special luminous coating, ensuring readability in dim light. Moreover, in ultraviolet or electric light, they exhibit green fluorescence, providing a more trendy and cool experience.

In addition to the Boundary Series, Seagull Watch has been introducing new products continuously this year. We have launched the Tiger Talisman Military Watch limited edition, which showcases ancient China’s military culture. We have also released the Skyline Series, which inherits the spirit of the D304 aviation chronograph, the first-ever Chinese Air Force chronograph developed by Seagull Watch in 1963. Furthermore, we have introduced the Infinite Series, representing modern women's empowered lifestyle. These new products serve as innovative platforms to resonate and connect with young consumers in the new era, achieving a two-way emotional connection.
Product innovation relies on solid technical support, and Seagull Watch has never ceased its exploration of movement technology and watchmaking craftsmanship. In August 2022, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group was recognized as a national-level, specialized, and innovative "small giant" enterprise. The level of precision manufacturing and technological research and development has obtained certification from relevant national authorities, marking a new stage of development for the company.

"Stride Forth," the theme of the 2022 MUSE Design Awards, is also the spirit shared by Seagull Watch. Seagull strides forth to surmount, innovate, and lead, activating the 67-year accumulation of precision manufacturing through innovative design and technology. Seagull Watch is committed to forging a vibrant and sustainable path for the rejuvenation of Chinese watches.