Seagull 1963 Official Reply:The Definitive Answer to All Your Questions about this Pilot’s Chronograph

Seagull 1963 Official Reply:The Definitive Answer to All Your Questions about this Pilot’s Chronograph

As a wristwatch lover, I believe you must know ——Seagull 1963, which has been recommended by experts in the industry many times. Firstly, allow me to express my profound gratitude for your discerning affection towards this Chinese horological masterpiece. 

For a long time, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group has been focusing on product development and production, lacking the operation and construction of oversea online sales channels. As the demand for our watches continues to grow, we have come to recognize the paramount importance of establishing a brand-new direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel, offering a seamless and customer-centric shopping experience. 

Our official website was officially launched in the world today. By our new website, customers can easily browse and purchase our range of Seagull watches, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are receiving authentic products.

We know that there are many articles and videos on the market to evaluate our seagull watches, and many of them are very professional and detailed to analyze and introduce our products.

So today, we will give priority to the official introduction of the historical story of seagull1963 and some suggestions on purchasing and judging genuine seagull watch.  

Let us journey back in time to the Warwick (commonly referred to as Huawei) Clock Factory in 1955. During that era, a nascent China had recently emerged, many things need to be done to revive the old vigor Following the recommendations of esteemed national leaders, a clandestine core team, helmed by Yang and comprised of four seasoned watchmakers, embarked on the monumental endeavor of crafting the inaugural timepiece in the nascent era of New China. 

Just at a 14-square-meter office, 400 yuan's budget, a small one-foot old lathe, a small milling machine, a small drilling machine, a micrometer of 0-25mm, a vernier caliper, and the tools used by the engineers to repair the watches themselves, fix the simple equipment on several old desks, select the Swiss Tieda fine machine movement as the prototype, and feed according to six watches (140 pieces for each watch). In this way, four young watchmakers have worked hard for more than 100 days and nights in difficult times and under difficult conditions.

The story after that is very clear to everyone. on 24th March 1955, history was made, the first ever Chinese-manufactured wristwatch started ticking – Being so proud of their new-founded Nation, the dial was decorated with a five-pointed star, just like the centred one on the Chinese national flag, so the watch was named “Wu Xing” – “The Five Stars”.

With the birth of China's inaugural timepiece, the "Five-Star Watch," the legendary journey of watchmaking in China was set in motion. 

Let us now fast-forward to the month of April in 1961, where a classified government project, codenamed "304," was commissioned by the former Tianjin Wuyi Watch Factory (which after merging with other factories in 1958, was renamed Tianjin Wuyi Watch Factory in 1962 and serves as the predecessor of the present-day Tianjin Seagull Watch Group).

This momentous undertaking entailed the factory's wholehearted dedication to the development and production of chronographs explicitly designed for the exclusive use of the China Air Force. 

The anticipation for the imminent birth of these heroic timepieces reached its zenith.

The aviation watch was meticulously designed and developed by the pioneering graduates of the first-generation timekeeping department in New China: Jiang, Yin, Pei, Bao, and Zhang. Drawing inspiration from the esteemed Swiss Venus 175 (Omega Machine Core), the team embarked on a trial production of 32 watches in 1963. Subsequent adjustments to the drawings were made in 1964, leading to the trial production of 100 watches in 1965. In October of that same year, the watches were deemed qualified for use. 

In December 1965, with the joint approval of 21 esteemed entities, including the China No.1 Light Industry Department, Air Force Command, Naval Command Department, and Haisi Aviation Maintenance Department, the watches officially went into production, bearing the movement serial number [ST3]. Manufacturing commenced in May 1966, and by October of the same year, 1,400 timepieces had been delivered. It took a span of five years to complete the ambitious task of producing 3,000 watches. These timepieces were never introduced to the commercial market, remaining an obscure military code product, unknown to the outside world. 

Of course, there is a small detail. We have been talking about Tianjin Watch Factory, so when did the Seagull brand appear? Here, It is crucial to mention another classic timepiece, the Dongfeng Watch. In order to facilitate the global expansion of Chinese watches during that time, it became essential to establish a suitable brand name. Consequently, in 1973, Premier Li Xiannian issued an instruction to rename Dongfeng Watch as the "Seagull Brand" for export purposes. The English signage for the brand was designated as "SEA-GULL."

Under this rebranding initiative, several modifications were made to the timepieces. The movement was upgraded to a 21,600 vibrations per hour frequency, the plate design was changed from an arc shape to a flat plate, featuring a meticulously crafted seagull pattern on the movement's splint. Additionally, a square mausoleum symbol was added above the 6 o'clock position to distinguish the chronograph function.

Following its initial introduction in Hong Kong, the Seagull brand garnered instant popularity in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Southeast Asia. Foreign businessmen lauded it as a pinnacle of craftsmanship, an exceptional timepiece, and the foremost representation of Chinese watchmaking. Subsequently, Seagull watches were designated as national standards, and the Tianjin Watch Factory was subsequently renamed as Seagull Group Company. It was during this time that the hero of our esteemed 304 project was officially named the "Seagull 1963." 

Ok, it is a long long story, Let’s go back to today. This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the release of the chronograph in 1963. To coincide with this significant milestone, we are launching our official website, enabling Seagull 1963 enthusiasts worldwide to acquire authentic timepieces produced by the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group. The 60th anniversary edition of the Seagull 1963 features the ST19 movement, with a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour and a power reserve of 45 hours in non-timing conditions. The movement boasts 22 diamonds, exemplifying exquisite craftsmanship. The design of the dial and case back faithfully follows the original design manuscript from 1963, including the distinct long and short hands for timing. The dial has been upgraded from 38mm to 40mm, aligning with contemporary aesthetics. The vintage-style bubble watch mirror is crafted from high-hardness sapphire, ensuring exceptional durability and scratch resistance. The watch case includes an anti-magnetic bottom cover, minimizing external magnetic interference and ensuring accurate and stable timekeeping. The off-white dial and red-and-blue hands exhibit striking color contrast, with the inscription "22 zuan" and "China Tianjin Watch Factory" exemplifying the style of that era. The red star, symbolic of Chinese heritage, remains the focal point of the dial, epitomizing the ambitious spirit of 1963. 

For more detailed product information and specific specifications, please visit our official website. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey. We are committed to ensuring that every Seagull 1963 enthusiast can own an authentic timepiece and embrace the essence of the original 1963 design. Our goal is to bring delight to every consumer who entrusts China with the opportunity to produce exceptional timepieces. Time may pass silently, but it is captured and recorded by the hour and minute hands. Seagull Watch Group proudly presents its global official website, marking a new chapter in our story. 

Last but not least, Any seagull product you buy from our official website is absolutely official. However, as far as seagull 1963 is concerned, there are only two versions officially on sale at present, namely Time Edition(22 zuan) and Replica Edition(21 zuan). We all proudly mark the dial with "China Tianjin Watch Factory". If you prepare or buy other versions or watch dials are not written like this, then it is a 100% fake. It may only be a good-looking watch, which has nothing to do with seagull 1963 and China Air Force. Please don't be deceived by a liar.