The grand revival of the 60th anniversary: the Seagull 1963 Official Times Edition—a genuine and exclusive reproduction

The grand revival of the 60th anniversary: the Seagull 1963 Official Times Edition—a genuine and exclusive reproduction

The 60th anniversary bears profound significance for the Chinese populace, symbolizing a momentous juncture. Hence, in homage to this occasion, Tianjin Seagull Watch Group has formally unveiled its worldwide official website this year. Our objective is to present the treasured Seagull 1963 series, which has garnered profound admiration among horological aficionados. This year, with great pride, we introduce the distinguished 60th anniversary edition, aptly titled the Seagull 1963 Times Edition.

The Seagull 1963, originating from a remarkable epoch in history, encompasses a captivating tale that endows it with an exceptionally scarce collector's worth. With the advent of the Seagull 1963 Times Edition, an authorized replication meticulously fashioned to emulate the original manuscript of 1963, we have accomplished a flawless 1:1 full-scale reconstitution. Every important detail of this watch in the first edition 60 years ago has been perfectly reproduced., standing as a profound tribute to both the annals of time and the esteemed China Air Force. 

Let us now delve into a comprehensive exploration of this extraordinary timepiece.

First, let's first introduce its dial part. The overall color is a retro beige that makes people feel very comfortable. As a military watch, it looks extremely pure, elegant, and noble. The outer index of black markings and numbers indicates both the minutes and elapsed seconds down to a fifth of a second. Moving in, there are large golden hour markers, comprised of a mix of numerals and triangular markers. The use of surface applied golden markers, rather than printed markers, both create a more legible index and a welcome aesthetic detail. The 1, 5, 7 and 11 triangle markers point in towards the center of the watch, guiding the eyes to the Chinese characters “China Tianjin Watch Factory “above 6 and the golden-bordered red star under 12, as well as the printed “22 ZUAN”. At 9 there is the seconds sub-dial and at 3 is a 30-minute counter for the chronograph. Both have delicately styled blued hands, but the seconds hand is more decorative than the minute counter. Enjoying that slight lack of symmetry as it breaks up the otherwise very even face. The main hour and minute hands are long and thin blued rectangles that are punctuated by the striking red of the chronograph seconds-counter. Everything shimmers and shines in a unique way; there are flecks of gold, blue, silver, and red in every angle.

The overall dial was upgraded from 38mm to 40mm, which is more in line with contemporary aesthetics. The retro bubble watch mirror was upgraded to a high-hardness sapphire material, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The dials of various TINT are more elegant through the sapphire glass.

Seagull 1963 watch dial 

Allow me to delve into the essence of Seagull 1963—the ST19 mechanical chronograph movement—unveiling its intricacies. This exquisite timepiece operates at 21,600 vibrations per hour, boasting a remarkable power reserve of 45 hours in non-timing conditions. Its meticulously crafted mechanical framework showcases an intricate assemblage of 22 jewels. Given the distinctiveness and rigorous operational environment of pilots, the demands placed upon aviation watches surpass those of ordinary timepieces. The utmost priority lies in the stability of the chronograph's mechanical movement. Hence, it took four years for the inaugural 1963 edition to successfully pass the rigorous testing of essential criteria such as accuracy in travel time, resilience to high and low temperatures, resistance to vibrations, and immunity to magnetic forces. Only after obtaining approval from 21 military units and experts including the Air Force Command, Naval Aviation Command, and Naval Equipment Ordering Department, was it deemed fit for production.

In the contemporary Seagull 1963 edition, we have gone to great lengths to faithfully restore the original design. A magnetically resistant bottom cover has been thoughtfully incorporated into the watch case to minimize external magnetic field interference, ensuring precise and steadfast timekeeping. The finely crafted relief design on the bottom, made from 316L stainless steel, exemplifies exceptional manufacturing techniques, and fulfills stringent military specifications. Additionally, each model bears the official style code of 819.87.1963, representing Seagull 1963, along with its distinctive individual product limited code (since the case is assembled with screw-in components, the orientation of the pattern varies for each model), adding tremendous value to its collectability. It is important to note that Seagull 1963 is a military-grade product, the inaugural 1963 edition and the official Times Edition version both feature an opaque steel case bottom with a specially designed anti-magnetic cover. Transparent models, produced by third parties, are unrelated to the authentic Seagull official product and the genuine Seagull 1963.

Seagull 1963 watch upgraded crystal


The last part, which is also the egg part of this time edition, is that we have prepared a special watch gift box for the time edition. The design of the gift box greatly restores the appearance of the military box during World War II. The material is like the yellow-green woolen cloth of the World War II army uniform. When the box is opened, there is not only the seagull1963 edition watch, but also an official 60th anniversary medal and a pitch green NATO strap. The original strap is pure cowhide strap. The whole set of gift boxes, like seagull1963 Times Edition, is a classic limited edition. I hope you don't miss it.


The preceding text provides a comprehensive overview of our 60th anniversary Seagull 1963 Times Edition. For further information and detailed specifications, we invite you to explore our website.