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Your Story on Your Wrist

A watch engraving captures your personal story and unique memories. More than an accessory, it becomes a timepiece made your own. Engrave special dates from your life's journey - anniversaries, birthdays, weddings. Mark milestones like a new career, home, or graduation. Add initials of loved ones you hold dear. Engrave symbols with deep meaning - a heart for romance, a compass for adventure, an infinity sign for eternal love. Express your personality by engraving a favorite phrase. With endless engraving possibilities, the choice is yours. Engrave words and marks that tell your story. When you glance at your watch, relive the special moments that defined your journey. Your story, etched on your wrist.

Exquisite Seagull Movement

The history of "Seagull" is emblematic of the pioneering legend that inaugurated the Chinese horology industry, featuring China's first five-star watch, first aviation chronograph, May Day timepiece, and Dongfeng chronometer. Irrespective of the lineage in craftsmanship and the artistry of movements, "Seagull" continually forges the fervor and significance once held by the pioneers of chronometric craft. "Seagull" has achieved autonomous innovation in tourbillon and minute repeater movements, and has crafted the premier tri-complication wristwatch movement, encompassing tourbillon, minute repeater, and perpetual calendar, as well as the foremost three-dimensional tri-axial tourbillon movement. So far, "Seagull" presently furnishes 40% of the global movement supply.

Seagull 1963- The Timeless Legacy

This timepiece stands as a hallmark within China's horological domain, hailed by collectors worldwide as the "finest Chinese watch." It is none other than the Seagull 1963. Commemorating its 60th anniversary, this profoundly significant wristwatch has ushered in a novel reissue version—the 1963 Chronograph of the Era. The conventional worth of a watch in the realm of collectibles often stems from its rarity, distinctive craftsmanship, movement, and technological innovations. However, for the Seagull 1963, its paramount collectible value derives from an unparalleled history. It stands as China's inaugural independently developed chronograph, lauded as the "Air Force Number One," achieving the momentous "zero breakthrough" for China's air force chronographs... Even to this day, the history of the birth of the Seagull 1963 remains widely circulated and revered.

2022 Muse Design Awards Gold Winner

In the year 2022, the announcement of the laureates of the MUSE Design Awards in the United States revealed that the Sea Gull "Boundary Series" wristwatch was bestowed with the prestigious Gold Award, rendering Seagull the sole domestic watch brand to attain such distinction on the list. As one of the most influential international accolades in the realm of creative design worldwide, the MUSE International Design Award is hosted by the venerable International Awards Associates (IAA), renowned for its rigorous evaluation system and elevated assessment criteria. The award seeks to unearth and commend exemplars in diverse design domains such as architecture, interiors, and fashion. The attainment of the MUSE International Design Award Gold accolade underscores Seagull's prowess in intricate manufacturing, extending from movement development and proprietary structural innovation to external design and production assembly, thus showcasing a comprehensive industry advantage. It is also yet another milestone in Seagull's journey of pioneering innovation in the realm of Chinese horology, encapsulating the brand's spirit of audacity.