Lang Ping Becomes Brand Ambassador for SeaGull Watches

Lang Ping Becomes Brand Ambassador for SeaGull Watches

On September 23, 2021, Ms. Lang Ping attended the endorsement signing ceremony with Chinese brand SeaGull Watch in Beijing, becoming the first brand ambassador since the launch of SeaGull Watch's brand revitalization plan. SeaGull Watch, the Chinese watchmaking legend that inherits 66 years of history and culture of the national watch and clock industry, reconnects with Lang Ping, the legendary Chinese women's volleyball player known for her spirit of climbing and striving to break through, after over 30 years. Joining hands as "friends of time", they will work together to assist the rejuvenation initiative of the Chinese SeaGull Watch brand. 

In 1984, the Tianjin Watch Factory gifted SeaGull watches to the Chinese women's volleyball Olympic team.

 The affinity between SeaGull watches and Lang Ping can be traced back to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.That year, Lang Ping, as the main attacker of the team, led the Chinese women's volleyball team to win its first ever Olympic gold medal. As the first domestic enterprise to sponsor Chinese sports, the Tianjin Watch Factory presented the Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic team with SeaGull watches equipped with homemade movements. This was the first time Lang Ping wore a SeaGull watch.

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 As the gears of time turned from 1984 to 2021, old friends reunited after many years apart. Lang Ping once again wore a Chinese-movement SeaGull watch, taking on a brand new identity as a SeaGull brand ambassador to continue writing the “Chinese heart” and embark on another kind of self-breakthrough off the court.

Lang Ping SeaGull Watch brand ambassador

 "I am honored to be a brand ambassador for SeaGull watches. As a native of Tianjin City, I have a special affection for SeaGull watches as a Tianjin brand. Moreover, throughout my many years of volleyball career, SeaGull watches have been not just a timing tool for me, but an intimate partner, giving me and the national women’s volleyball team unwavering support, witnessing our strife and struggle, accompanying us through ups and downs along the way,” said Lang Ping. She added that she has been keeping a close eye on SeaGull's development, seeing it staying true to the Chinese heart while continuously breaking new ground and embracing innovation. Lang Ping hopes to make more people across the country fall in love with SeaGull watches and get to know the stories behind the brand, to cheer for Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands.