Seagull Victorious General Rabbit Watch Bronze Limited Edition

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Technical Specs


Type: Automatic
Model: ST2130
Jewels: 28

Self-winding mechanical movement beating at 28800 vibrations per hour, with a power reserve up to 39 hours.


Triumphant General Rabbit, a flourishing and blooming household; Mountain-patterned armor, vigorous and rising.

At the 12 o'clock position, a little bronze mirror, a clear mind is like a clear mirror. Black lacquer flows like water, representing mountain-patterned armor culture, condensing the wisdom of craftsmen. Every freshly acquired bronze wristwatch will change because of you. As time passes, bronze will undergo complex and varied oxidation effects due to temperature, humidity, and even different wearing positions. In long-term companionship, it is you who shapes your own "unique."

The gourd nameplate on the side of the watch is a symbol of auspiciousness in traditional culture, gathering blessings and wealth, warding off evil and disasters. The Year of the Rabbit corresponds to Mao in the twelve Earthly Branches, representing the spring of all things. Luminous hands and hour markers are visible in low-light conditions. Synthetic blue sapphire crystal, Mohs hardness level 9, scratch-resistant and durable, high transparency. Leather strap, available in two colors, with a fiery red interior, bold and robust. Paired with quick-release lugs, achieving a style of wearing the watch in two ways.

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