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Paying homage to iconic timepieces from the past, and reviving classic designs with a modern touch. Meticulously crafted with precision, these watches showcase a blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary engineering. Each timepiece in the collection reflects Seagull's commitment to preserving horological heritage while incorporating innovative features. With attention to detail and a nod to nostalgia, this Collection invites enthusiasts to experience the timeless elegance of vintage-inspired watches.

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海鷗手錶|東風再起復刻版自動腕錶 38 毫米海鷗手錶|東風再起復刻版自動腕錶 38 毫米
Seagull “Five Star” Reissue Edition Watch 38mmSeagull “Five Star” Reissue Edition Watch 38mm
Seagull "May 1st" Reissue Edition Gold Plated Watch 38mmSeagull "May 1st" Reissue Edition Gold Plated Watch 38mm
Seagull "May 1st" Reissue Edition Watch Vintage Yellow 38mmSeagull "May 1st" Reissue Edition Watch Vintage Yellow 38mm
Seagull Original Intention Watch Communist Party's 100th Anniversary EditionSeagull Original Intention Watch Communist Party's 100th Anniversary Edition
Seagull The 100th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 Limited Edition WatchSeagull The 100th Anniversary of the Revolution of 1911 Limited Edition Watch
海鷗手錶|設計師系列腕錶 - 60 週年紀念版(1955-2015)40 毫米海鷗手錶|設計師系列腕錶 - 60 週年紀念版(1955-2015)40 毫米
海鷗手錶|設計師系列古典主義自動腕錶 40 毫米海鷗手錶|設計師系列古典主義自動腕錶 40 毫米
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Most Popular 海鷗1963時代60週年紀念版海鷗1963時代60週年紀念版
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Seagull Founding of the Army 99th Anniversary Edition Tourbillon WatchSeagull Founding of the Army 99th Anniversary Edition Tourbillon Watch
Seagull 1963 OriginalSeagull 1963 Original

March 24th, 1955

A humble yet significant beginning: Workers Jiang Zhengyin, Sun Wenjun, Wang Cimin, and Zhang Shuwen, armed with a modest budget of 100 yuan allocated by the bureau, worked tirelessly in a small room with four rudimentary instruments.

Finally, on March 24, 1955, at 5:45 AM, they successfully developed the 'Five-Star Watch,' marking the commencement of a new chapter in the domestic watchmaking industry.

April 23rd, 1955

With the birth of China's first commercialized wristwatch, the 'May 1st Watch,' Tianjin Watch Factory relocated to its inaugural facility in the Hongqiao district. This move laid a solid foundation for the development of the Chinese watchmaking industry.

September, 1966

After the introduction of the 'May 1st Watch,' the technical experts at Tianjin Watch Factory gradually realized that in order to expand internationally, they needed to design and produce new products of their own.

The factory director personally led a team to form a trial production group. They meticulously studied vast amounts of domestic and international materials, disassembled hundreds of sample watches, and conducted technical surveys at major watch factories and stores across the country. This effort resulted in the creation of the distinctive 'Dongfeng' watch.

It represented an upgraded version of the 'May 1st Watch' and stood as China's first independently designed and manufactured timepiece. This marked a turning point in the technological and production development of the enterprise.


ST2130 movement, 28 jewels, 28,800 vibrations per hour. It is a fundamental movement designed with the aim of creating a mechanical watch that is affordable for the Chinese people and conforms to international standards.

This movement is currently the most widely used basic movement in Seagull's ST21 series. It delivers the most practical functions a watch needs - time with hours, minutes, seconds and calendar display to meet daily requirements.

39 hour power reserve. The bidirectional winding rotor automatically winds the movement through wrist motion, continuously providing strong power.


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Factory Address: Seagull Watches Industrial Park, No.199 Huanhe South Road, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone · 300308 · Tianjin · China (天津空港经济区环河南路199号海鸥表业集团)

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The quality of the movements has been amazingly stable. The Chinese have been making mechanical movements for a very long time. Seagull is the strongest and the best quality.


Quality timepieces don 't have to cost a fortune. Seagull traces its roots to 1958, when the company was founded and it has been cranking out mechanical timepieces ever since.


That all changed when the Tianjin Seagull landed a cult hit with the ST19, a remake of the historical Venus 175 chronograph movement.


Seagull movements have a proven history, Swiss roots and allow for cool, intriguing watches for less than their Swiss and often Japanese counterparts.